Junior Science Laboratory

The junior science laboratory is equipped with all the laboratory items required for junior class students up to 8th class. It helps to do the activities and experiments which increase fun and curiosity in small students. The children study science by doing activities. It is equipped with models of organ systems of human, chemical balances, physical balances, pipette, burette, standard flask, round bottom flasks, discharge tube, lactometer, astrological telescope etc.

Biology Laboratory

Our vidyalaya is having a biology lab well equipped with all lab utensils required by studentsup to plus two level. It is well arranged with hundreds of specimens, drawings and paintings done by students. All the ten organ systems drawn and painted by students, displayed in the lab adds its beauty. An aquarium also prepared by students gives a motivation for being active always. The lab is situated in a calm and cool corner of the vidyalaya which itself provides a study atmosphere.

Physics Laboratory

The physics lab of JNV Pathanamthitta is furnished with all necessary lab equipments to meet the requirements for physics experiments specified for the secondary and senior secondary schools affiliated to CBSE. Physical balance, travelling microscope, optic bench, logic gate apparatus, diode characteristic apparatus, transistor characteristic apparatus, resonance column apparatus, meter bridge, potentiometer etc. are used for carrying out experiments. Lab manuals and reference books are also available in the lab.

Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with all the apparatuses of senior secondary level. The students can study their chemistry course through hands on experiments. The lab is equipped with chemical and electrical balances, pH meter, electric oven, electric centrifurgation apparatus, distilled water apparatus etc. The lab is also equipped with reference books for senior secondary classes.