The house system in Navodaya Vidyalayas is the key to understand its Residential culture. It not only holds it together but also keeps it ticking. Every Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Family i.e Students and teachers are grouped into 4 houses. Each house has its distinct name, a particular colour for its flag, Badge, T –shirt etc. The 4 houses in every Navodaya Vidyalaya are: Aravali, Neelgiri, Shivalik and Udaigiri. The houses have been named after the mountains because they are stable part of our hoary history and their impact on our lives through out our history has been tremendous. The 4 mountains that lend their names to the houses in each Navodaya Vidyalaya represent the 4 major reasons of our country. The Arawali represent the WEST, the Neelgiri, the SOUTH, the Shivalik, the NORTH and the Udaigiri, the EAST. Together they represent a strong, stable and unified India being shaped on a Navodaya Vidyalaya campus.  The house system stripes to achieve certain goals by providing a secure and affectionate social environment with which one can easily identify oneself and take pride as its recognized member. It has been planned to fulfill all the deficiency needs of every student. Participation in various House and Intra House activity fields provides satisfaction to all students and the feeling of having done their job well fulfills their esteem needs. It also provides rich first-hand experience for developing once communication skills, interaction skills and it provides valuable lessons in social learning.  Every student in Navodaya Vidyalaya becomes a member of particular house when he/she joins the school and leaves it only after the completion of ones school education. The house system makes a Navodaya Vidyalaya a natural extension of home for each student. The ready guidance and welfare-oriented concern of the House Masters provides an ambience that promotes development senior students play the role of Elder siblings and junior student look up to them for help and guidance. This provides a Home environment, softens the initial shock of separation from once natural family such an environment helps students to get over homesickness.  In every Navodaya Vidyalaya there are 4 junior houses called “B” Houses and for senior houses called “A” Houses for Boys and one senior and one junior house for Girls. The junior house consists of students of classes VI to VIII while the senior houses consists of students of classes IX to XII. The average strength of a house is about 50. The girls in Navodaya Vidyalaya are also placed under two houses viz; the Junior House and Senior House. For effective management and supervision, both these houses are further divided into 4 groups and each group of girls of the junior house is linked with a junior boys' house. Similarly each group of girls of senior house joins the corresponding senior boys' house.  Each house has a House Captain, a House Vice Captain and two Prefects. For effective management of the Vidyalaya, in consultation with the House Masters/House Mistress, one School captain, one school Vice Captain (Boy) and one School Vice Captain (Girl) are appointed.  The typical Organisation of the House System in Navodaya Vidyalaya is as shown below: