The co-curricular activities of JNV Pathanamthitta scheduled out a well-planned ‘activity calendar’ throughout the year. Month wise activities that are to be undertaken during the year are circulated well in advance for the convenience of staff and students. Sub committees were also formed in orderto undertake various scholastic, cultural and other areas such as art, music, dance and instrumental music. Month wise activities including language activities, Debates, Speeches, Quiz competitions along with house competition involving all the students and various houses of the Vidyalaya. Students also participates in inter house competitions, intrahouse competitions and performance and competitions outside the Vidyalaya. Our students prepared various cultural programs inorder to participate in programmes like Regional Cultural Meet, National Cultural Meet and other important programmes. The music club of the Vidyalaya involves all the students in various activities and proper training is imparted to them for their cultural and emotional aptitude. The music club of the Vidyalaya specially trained students to perform their skills through conducting workshops Kolkali, Ammankudam, Panchavadyam, Bharathanatyam, Koodiyattam, Vocal performance, instrumental and traditional art forms. In addition to these activities students are given special attention through activities such as classical music, group music, Bhajans and patriotic songs along with teaching dance, Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Keralanadanam and folk dance forms. Students are also trained in instrumental music including keyboard, Violin, Tabala and Guitar. In fact all the students are given opportunity and participation is ensured in all the co-curricular activities of the Vidyalaya.